Recipe For A Clean Kitchen Sink

If you are in the process of almost pulling your hair out due to an overloaded kitchen sink or a dirty kitchen sink you found when you got home, then you will first have to grab the bottle of your favorite drink or food and start digging in or chugging. Then try this recipe to get the kitchen looking like the one you left this morning when going to work.Ingredients required•         Distilled white vinegar•         Baking soda•         Salt•         Lemon or lime•         Ice•         Liquid dishwashing soap●    Step 1: Wipe down timeThe first step for even trying to see what the original color of your sink was, is to give it a general wipe down with some mild soap and a soft rag. Try to be meticulous about this as it will be helpful in the following steps. Do not use any strong equipment like abrasive sponges or those metal sponges and go for a mild soap instead of bleach or heavy duty cleaners in the house. If you are conscious about the disposing of all this then through your drains you would have to go for liquid waste disposal, get more info.●    Step 2: Heavy rinse outGrab the sink washer or just attach a tiny hose to the kitchen tap (if you feel like you can do extra work the clean out), and then spray out the whole sink in one go. For those who possess stainless sinks then go for cleaning out the food and liquids as the acids and salts in these food items can end up eating through the finish of the sink.●    Step 3: The ultimate cleanerBaking soda can clean your clothes, bake your food, clean out your face and teeth and also make sure your sink is shiny. The best way to go about using baking soda in your sink is to sprinkle hefty amounts of it onto the sink and then lather is around and work into a paste. Then you can just go about using a toothbrush to clean all over the sink and the tap with baking soda. Then rinse off the baking soda with water.●    Step 4: Marinating with white vinegarGrab a set of paper towels and line your sink with these. Grab the bottle of distilled white vinegar and add small amounts to the tissues to soak them thoroughly. Then let your sink marinate in this white vinegar for around 20 minutes to 30 minutes and then dispose of the paper towels to transfer them to the next sink you are cleaning.●    Step 5: Liquid dish wash to the rescueOnce you are done with the baking soda then wash the sink with warm soapy water. Use the liquid dish wash soap to make this soapy water and then make sure to spray it all over the sink and wash out all the vinegar. When concerned about what the vinegar and all this solutions will do to your drain then go for vacuum excavation as an alternative. Make sure to wash off all the things you lathered onto the sink but if you follow these steps you will end up with a wonderful slink.